Review Of Eagle Windows and Doors

Replacing windows and doors in a home or office is always an important task. Picking the right replacements is a matter of checking out the market and figuring out which manufacturers can be trusted. One model that has a bit of an uneven reputation is Anderson’s Eagle windows and doors. The company’s products are recommended by many, but some complaints have arisen in recent years. If you want to make sure that you are getting the right windows or doors for your home, it is important to find out what others are saying about the products.


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The Advantages of Eagle Products

The biggest advantage of Anderson Eagle windows is certainly the look of the windows themselves. These windows are made to exact specifications (something that is, unfortunately, usually reflected in the window installation cost), allowing you to put an ideal window into any area of your home. The wide range of possible design options is fairly well regarded by most installers, and the vast majority of homeowners who install these products tend to recommend them to their friends and family members.

Eagle windows and doors do tend to be offered as stylish design opportunities, but they also work as good mid-level replacements for most homes. While Eagle does not quite stand up to the highest-tier competition on the market, it occupies an important place for those who are looking for quality at a reasonable price.

Eagle Windows Problems

While the majority of eagle windows reviews are positive, there is a recurring problem of which would-be buyers should be aware – leakage. This so-called “moisture intrusion” seems to be a product of how the windows themselves are made, with several of the standard window sizes allowing moisture to seep through the pane and into the surrounding area of the home. By the time such damage is found, it is usually too late. Those who are worried about water damage might want to pay extra attention to making sure that installation goes off without a hitch so that they can pinpoint whether or not the problem is related to the windows.

A fair number of contractors also point out the fact that the company has changed hands several times as a reason not to trust the product. It is true Eagle has avoided at least one major payout because of a switch in ownership, and those who are looking with a company that has a long-lasting pedigree might be wise to look elsewhere.

In the end, Eagle makes good, but possibly not great, windows and doors. The doors do tend to be a bit better received than the windows, though both products have found wide use in the open market. If you are looking for a replacement piece for your home or business, you can certainly do worse. Always make sure that you pay careful attention to the installation process and that you know the terms of your warranty – if problems do arise, it is important to know from where they originated.



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