Review of Crittall Windows

Crittall Windows Ltd. is an English window manufacturer that specializes in the production of steel framed windows. It has supplied numerous buildings with windows, including the Tower Of London. Crittall windows are basic, but require much maintenance. Older Crittall steal windows are also known to be very inefficient and leak heat. However, after 1950, most of the windows became galvanized, so the rust problems were eliminated. On a positive note, these windows are very strong, last a long time, and play an important part of a building’s architecture. Here is a closer look at the options for a person considering new windows or replacing old windows.


New Crittall Windows For Sale

Crittall is the world’s oldest and largest steel window company in existence. It was the first to develop hot rolled steel windows. There is no other company that offers such a variety, so there is no one better to turn to for a custom design. This company also supplies standard window sizes as well.

There are many types of windows produced by this company. The Corporate 2000 Series is a new spin on the traditional hot rolled windows. They are slender and flat in design. They are used in both residential and commercial buildings, especially in offices, schools, hotels, and hospitals. The Corporate W20 Series is very versatile. They can be made into elaborate designs, to add individual personality to any building. The Berkeley Series was made to replace original steel windows that were single pane leaded glass. They are ideal as replacement windows and are often found on high end buildings. Finally, the Homelight Series was made for residential applications. They provide maximum sunlight, but do not require the depth or weight of other windows in the brand.

Crittall Replacement Windows

As mentioned above, there are certain windows that are made to replace old steel windows. The new replacement Crittall windows provide more insulation and security as well. Most times, the window installation cost of traditional Crittall windows will be very high. This will cause a person to choose a different option. Sometimes, people choose to refurbish Crittall steel windows. However, when it is essential to maintain the original look of a piece of property, choosing an original Crittall window is the only option. Today’s windows will have the benefit of double glazing, energy efficiency, and a better locking system.

Some of the strongest and durable windows are produced by Crittall. Most steel windows that are found in old buildings are a part of this brand. The downside of these older windows is that they are not energy efficient and often rust. They can be expensive to replace, but the newer designs offer better insulation and a higher level of safety. In the end, it is possible to choose a window in the line for a new construction. It is also possible to purchase a replacement option as well. No matter what Crittall window is chosen, the design is very unique and will last a tremendous amount of time.

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