How Castle Windows Can Enhance Your Home

castle windowsThe replacement window industry in the UK has a mixed reputation, but Castle Windows has always set out to counteract this, by providing products of excellent quality, plus a reliable service. Castle Windows reviews certainly seem to suggest that they are succeeding in their aim. The overwhelming majority of customers express complete satisfaction, both with the installation process and the finished result.

Most households in the UK have installed replacement windows at least once in the past 30 or 40 years, although there are still some homes with the original windows remaining. However, many of the new windows installed in the 1980s or earlier would not have met modern quality standards, and are now showing signs of wear and tear. If you are in this situation, Castle Windows Norwich can enable you to experience all the benefits  of 21st century energy-efficient windows.

These benefits in fact are considerable, especially for those struggling with inflated energy bills — which means most of us. The latest type of double-glazed sealed units use a special type of glass which interferes with radiated light waves. This means they allow in more light, keep out more cold, and keep in more heat than ever before. At the same time, they are extra tightly fitted, to eliminate condensation and draughts. The average saving on energy bills from these windows amounts to between £100 and £200 per year.

There are a wide variety of types of windows which Castle Windows Newbury can provide. The majority of customers go for white PVC frames, which are popular because they are almost totally maintenance free, and are resistant to even the worst excesses of British weather. Alternatively, you can choose hardwood frames, which provide a more traditional and seasoned appearance for older or period properties, while still requiring very little maintenance. Nowadays another possibility is aluminum frames, which can also look very elegant in a modern setting, and provide excellent security and weather protection.

The most popular windows from Old Castle Windows are the casement style, which open outwards from the side or the top, and can be used in bow windows or bay windows. As an alternative, you could choose tilt and turn windows. These have two options for opening — they can tilt inwards from the bottom to provide moderate ventilation, or can open fully from the side, depending on how you operate the handle. They are completely secure, as they cannot be removed from the outside.

Many period homes, or homes in conservation areas, have sash windows, and until recently have been unable to replace them because of planning regulations. Now Castle Rock Windows can provide a range of sash windows in traditional style, but made from modern materials, meaning you get the best of both worlds — the elegant appearance, combined with durability and top-rate performance. All these types of windows come in standard window sizes, but can be modified to fit unusual or distinctive homes.

There are very few homes that cannot benefit from replacement windows. The windows are designed to enhance  your home in all sorts of ways — they transform its appearance, improve your security enormously, and greatly contribute to energy efficiency and lower fuel bills. What is more, when the time comes to sell your house, you will find they have substantially increased your property value too.

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